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first off i apologize as both these stories are on and i know some find their "in your face" ads and applets annoying. that being said...

first is a really awesome invention. how would you like a tape that is twice as strong as regular tape, leaves no residue, is completely dry, and can be used 100's of times without losing it's stickiness? you would LOVE it of course!!!! well researchers have developed the tape based on "van der waals" force. this is the reaction between very fine hairs and any surface material on a molecular level that occurs on the gecko's feet. these tiny hairs hold onto the material without any additional adhesive. it is pretty stunning and if you have ever seen a gecko climb straight up a glass door you know why. the researchers state that the tape has very good holding power as well. a 20x20cm piece of this tape held a person hanging from the ceiling! wow!
read about it here:

next is something that is a little on the "twilight zone" side of weird. a temporal cloak has been developed that can "hide" a pulse of light "like it never happened". i could try to explain it but the article already does that much better than i could. read it here:
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