Topic: =/\= pristine big bang gas found, new quasiparticle produced by helium dwarf  (Read 1809 times)

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as previously reported, there were theories stating that there should still be places in the universe that contain "pristine gas" left over from the big bang. that is, gas that has never mingled or mixed with other star gases to form heavier elements or gases. so a pristine cloud of hydrogen has always been just hydrogen. well now, there has been one of these interstellar gas clouds observed! :) read about it here:

unless you are into particle physics and interstellar matter theory, you probably have never heard of "Bose-Einstein condensate". well a new "quasi-particle" can be formed from the interaction of this condensate and helium white dwarf stars. these quasi-particles also affect the cooling rate of these helium white dwarfs which finally explains why there are temperature variances in observable white dwarfs. while technical, it is understandable, read about it here:
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