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some new research released indicates that europa has large liquid lakes under ice. these lakes are thought to contain more water than all of the earth's oceans! the process of ice and water mixing creates an optimal environment for life, says the research. this could be exciting stuff!
read here for details:

a 26 year old romanian hacker accused of hacking into NASA has been arrested in western romania. so basically, his life just turned to crap!
read the details here:

as previously reported by yours truly, the raspberry pi mini usb pc has caused quite a stir in the pc world. the raspberry pi was developed to be a cheap and very small computer all in a usb stick type form factor. this $25 dollar (projected price) linux machine has now released the final pcb layout artwork. the latest specs show the raspberry pi to be the exact size of a credit card and will have two usb ports and a cat5 port. VERY COOL!
i totally want one of these! it was originally targeted towards developing countries as a cheap pc alternative. just plug the raspberry pi into a usb enabled monitor and away you go! read about it here:

EDIT: found this neat image on the site!

EDIT2: found this really neat graphic that shows all the mars missions and their outcomes. it shows lots of failures but our success rate is improving!
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