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there was a great article today explaining how the 2008 discovery of antimatter and re-observed by nasa, has been confirmed. it is a detailed article and well worth the read. i think this will get us closer to "observing" dark matter as far as being able to detect it. it is just a matter of time. read here:

in a HUGE surprise, the phobos-grunt satellite that malfunctioned and got stuck in earth orbit instead of continuing to mars, has phoned home! most scientists had given up hope as it was stated that the battery life was just 3 days. well late last night the satellite surprised everyone when it signaled home. now there is a spark of hope again in the russian scientists in charge of the mission that they may be able to fix it! read the article here:

finally, a strange little story that appealed to me on a physics level. the physics of wine swirling. yes, you read that right. swirling wine in a glass and the physics at play while doing that. amazing and humorous stuff. any wine/physics enthusiasts will get a kick out of this article. read it here:
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