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interesting article today about the lost plutonium from the disastrous apollo 13 mission. the basic question and premise of the article is, "will NASA ever be able to recover the plutonium that is now resting at the bottom of the ocean?" it is a really interesting read and gives some good info on several different aspects of this problem. take a look here:

a new project in the works promises the largest tesla coils ever built and the ability to produce natural style lightning and shoot the bolts over 200 feet! i really hope this project gets off  the ground, however they are a long way from their goal on kickstarter. read about one of the coolest tesla coil projects i have read about in a long time! article here:

this next story totally made my day and gives me an overwhelming urge to find an old lcd monitor!!! basically, this hack takes a regular lcd monitor and makes it so only the person with the glasses can see what is on the screen! totally awesome! the article includes the step by step instructions. read here:
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