Topic: =/\= newest "jetman" achievement, lightning creates waves that escape into space  (Read 2515 times)

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i have loved jetman (Yves Rossy) ever since i saw his first prototype. i thought it was amazing that this guy was willing to strap jet engines on his back in an attempt to create personal jetpacks for all! after several years of tinkering and upgrading, he is getting really close to the "perfect" design. his latest achievement? how about flying in formation...with real jets!!! take a look at the video! read article here:

if you are a fan of physics, then you know about a unique phenomenon known as resonance. a new discovery has found that lightning strikes with the right properties can create a resonance wave that goes around the earth and even escapes into space. this effect is called the, "Schumann resonance". the Schumann resonance has been a known effect since the 60's, but this new observation is the first time it has been shown to leak into space. check out the article and accompanying video for details here:
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