Topic: =/\= first quantum programmable photonic chip, you can be buried in space!  (Read 3412 times)

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a british team has developed the first silicon re-programmable photonic chip using quantum technology. this chip can continuously entangle photons as part of it's working parameters. that is amazing! just a few short years ago, quantum entanglement was theory! now there is a chip that does it automatically. we are closer and closer to the trek universe. read here for details:

so... want to be buried in space? no, not a joke. virginia is trying to make that a reality. in an effort to boost a spaceport (mid-atlantic spaceport) they are proposing a bill that would allow for an income deduction to go towards space burial. no mention of people outside virginia however. i would love to have my ashes spread into space.
read here:,0,993488.story
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