Topic: =/\= life possible on large regions of mars, google execs offer to buy hanger 1  (Read 3703 times)

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an australian team has determined with planetary modeling that large portions of mars could support life. most of this life would need to exist underground however as water cannot survive on the surface for long. interesting read. check it here:

the top 3 google execs have offered to buy outright the aging and slowly falling down hanger 1 owned by NASA. currently the google execs are at a loss to explain why NASA has only said that, "they are thinking about it". curious. read the story here:
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 hanger 1 owned by NASA good $  Falling down its totaly useable. Slap propanel on it.  6 to 8 months of work will remake it with the right crew.  :crazy2: Restore well damn 8million$ at best . If taxpayers pay for this well some will be pissed!  :-X
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