Topic: =/\= first"earth-sized" exoplanet, NASA considers telescope at solar system edge  (Read 3388 times)

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so, exciting news from the kepler team. not only have they found the first "earth-sized" exoplanet, but they have found 2 in the same system!
kepler-20 is the proud owner of two earth sized exoplanets. one is slightly smaller at more a venus size and one is earth sized. pretty cool!
read here:

NASA is considering sending a telescope to the far reaches of our solar system. there is a team consisting of people from JPL, NASA, and caltech who are looking into attaching a telescope to a space craft sent on a survey mission to the edge of our solar system. there are many advantages to do this. you would eliminate a lot of the "noise" from light from the earth, moon, and sun being the biggest advantage. read here for more details:
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