Topic: Please help, XP Pro cannot get past DirectPlay Test :( Ports Forwarded etc ...  (Read 4752 times)

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Hi all,

I'm having serious problems trying to get this to work and it really has my head on a thread at the moment.

I can get the Access connection easily. Yet every time I fail on the DirectPlay test.

I've followed instructions from here =,163344600.0.html

I've forwarded all Ports both as TCP and UDP within my firewall and my router (Virgin Media Super Hub 2).
sfc3_1   6073   TCP&UDP           
sfc3_2   2302..2400   TCP&UDP <--- I have a static IP on my internal LAN.

I've filled in my IP within the sfc.ini file under the META tag.

I've tried turning all firewalls off with no success. I've also tried disabling the UPNP as discussed here =,163362630.0.html

... but I'm still no where near connecting. Is there anything else I have missed?