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Speaking of Star Trek babble...
« on: January 01, 2015, 11:58:22 pm »
We have a great conversation going on about the recent movies, yet one of the things that was always interesting to me, was how ST esp in the TNG era, would throw together science terms. Tachyon was always a personal favorite, as I worked on one of the first teams, during my stay in College, in Texas U, under Prof. Sadarshan, but I digress.

I offer this to you all, as far as jargon goes.

Just the first few minutes are worth a listen.

In this Buck Rogers radio program, Dr. Huer uses one of the longest rambles of geek speak, to tell Wilma, he is reading bucks mind while he is asleep. But the jargon, is well worth any sci fi fans time to listen.

anyways, I love finding old stuff like this, esp. after how we all have commented over the years on just this thing.

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