Topic: Ever wanted to play the role of the berserk ship computer? (a la HAL9000)  (Read 2947 times)

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Just found this silly game.  It appears to be of those 'make a game real quick for our contest' games, and is a minor diversion if nothing else...

Use 'malfunctioning' systems to drown or fry your crew members that wander into your traps, or suck them out of the cargo bays... The crew is repairing these systems as they find the malfunctions that crop up, and you only have 20 jumps to eliminate all of them...

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Haven't wanted to play that role since Crim demonstrated what happens when you do.  ;)
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The game is oddly addictive.  It would be nice for somebody to mod this, so you could transfer your mind to bigger and better ships.
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