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CubeSat Launch
« on: January 28, 2016, 02:12:33 am »
Thought I would post this here. I am a long time UFO researcher. Belong to a few forums on it. Been doing it over 10 years now. In 08 I came up with an idea to use science to look into it for once. I started a project to launch a satellite for UFO research. I had it all set up but getting the funds to do it. It was going to run 200 million dollars. Whew..... I had a non-profit set up and support from many in the field. But could never raise that money. After a few years gave up. Until now. I ran into a group doing just that, but going to use a Cube-Sat. Didn't have them back then going up. Now there cheap and easy to get a launch. I contacted them and they brought me on board as Project Coordinator. They had a Indeigogo fund drive going and raised over 16,000 of 50,000 there needed. I joined just as the Indiegogo campaign was ending. So I started a Kickstarter drive and were off again. I have contacts in the UFO circles so I started making contacts. Got MUFON on board now, there doing a Feature article on us and going to donate something, don't now what yet. The Huffington Post is doing an article on us that comes out in a few days.
     Were going to have the first satellite in orbit for UFO research. Pretty cool.. Might see something, we don't know. But it's worth a try. Many have come forward to say there real. Even some of our nation's hero's have. Astronaut Gordon Cooper and the 6th man to walk on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Gordon Cooper's interview which is on youtube is amazing. They filmed a saucer shaped craft that approached them, as they were filming test flights. It came at them, three legs came out and it landed right there in front of them. They filmed it for a few, it lifted it off, the tree legs with back in and it Zoomed off like GONE...... All on film. they took it back, developed it, and Gordon pulled the film out and looked it it. It showed the craft perfect. Sent it off to Washington, and was never seen again, of course. .. He is the last man to go in space alone and a national hero. To hell with anybody that calls him a lier.. Look up that interview. Edgar Mitchell too. So were are sending up a cube satellite for UFO research. Satellite is paid for. Were just trying to raise more for more science gear. Go to kickstarter and look up "CubeSat for Disclosure". watch our video there. You will see what were doing.