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SCF2CE Mod/ship installation.
« on: March 12, 2016, 11:16:01 pm »
I've been away for years and have absolutely no clue how to install mods or extra ships.
I tried using the "Ship Edit" app to no avail..  Just seems sort or a big complicated..
Ultimately, I want to install some TOS ships and be able to use them in campaign.
Any and all help be appreciated..
I tried to us the tutorial I found, but had no success as it uses terms I am just not familiar with..
I know where to put the actual art files, just not understand where to put everything else..
Thank you..

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Re: SCF2CE Mod/ship installation.
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2016, 12:22:53 am »
Welcome back, Anodizer.

If you want to play the campaign, it is a good idea to download the 2.677 Patch for CE. The stock game (2.670) crashes every time in a particular mission.

It sounds like you're looking for an easy TOS-themed installer for your game. Nobody has assembled one specifically for Community Edition yet. But anything for SFC2:EAW should work for SFC2:CE.

Ship Edit is effective for editing the shiplists, but it can't install custom models. A spreadsheet program, alternatively, can be used to edit the shiplist.

In shiplist.txt this is the important "Geometry" column for, let's say, a TOS Enterprise model -- the Federation F-CA:

This points to the stock TMP Enterprise. Put your TOS model files (presumably fca.mod, fca_brk.mod, and various .bmps) into a new folder in ...\Assets\Models called, for instance, TOS_fca.

Then update the F-CA geometry entry in shiplist.txt to find that new folder: assets/models/TOS_fca/fca.mod

The game should load the famous ship from the 1960's TV series if you select the F-CA in a skirmish or campaign.