Topic: Distracted for hours playing SFC 1 (when I was supposed to be doing sruff)  (Read 460 times)

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It's Sunday 13th May 2018 afternoon and I'm supposed to be doing work on a classic motorcycle I'm rebuilding for somebody (he's paying too!!), so I decide to have a quick game of SFC 1 whilst I drink a cup of after lunch tea...

So using, FMSE, I scripted a scenario where I had to defend a convoy forming up at a planet from computer randomly selected Lyran attackers, with just an SFB Texas class (F-CL) and an SFB light monitor (F-LMON) (without pallet). Back up was AI controlled patrol boat (F-PB), Minnow class patrol craft (F-PC), torpedo boat (F-PT) and a Hansard class skiff (F-SKF) which launched from a rear map corner G7 space station.

After losing to the computer's Lyrans a few times I realised that perhaps I should fly the F-LMON and not the F-CL (It took a L-CL and L-CA 12 seconds to disable and kill it in one attempt!!), order the freighters (4) to head to the G7 space station from the start and tell the F-CL to stick with fastest of them (speed 20), as the slowest (F-FLPh) was making only speed 3 and another (F-FSDr) speed 7.6. I'd tried towing each of these with the F-CL in previous attempts only to be caught and slaughtered before help arrived.

The red shirt crewed wee ships, of the Lemming squadron, did a good job of being decoy targets for the Lyrans whilst I trundled towards the fight with the F-LMON surrounded by a drone posse and all 4 shuttles at speed 21.3 (flat out), dropped to speed 11 and tucked in behind a L-CA and let loose into the aft shield before dropping a scatter pack right behind it. Then switched targets to a weak shield on a L-CL that was chasing down the F-PC, having killed all the other wee ships. Dumped another scatter pack and took a few hits, which the light monitor's shields soaked up mostly. (1 x Drone, right 4 x Ph3, tractor, Shield #3). The generic LMON SSD is on the ADB website. I used my own F-MON model in this game as I haven't gotten around to creating something more suitable yet.

Made distance for repairs, now having a speed advantage, ordered F-CL back to escort me and went in for the kill. Finally a victory!!

By 10:00PM, when I'd finally defeated the Lyran attackers twice (to be sure it was good tactics and not a fluke), it was too dark outside to do any work on the bike!!

Damned distracting this game and a great time waster too.....

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