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World of Warships - Try the Game, Get Free Stuff
« on: November 14, 2019, 01:19:29 am »
Hey gents!

It's been a lot of years, and it doesn't look like we are likely to see a good successor to the SFC OP franchise we all know and love. I wish an SFC4 would happen, but it seems pretty unlikely at this point.


I have been playing World of Warships (WoWS). I like the pace. I like the community. (Mostly.) I like being able to play a naval combat game that is reasonably complex. And I like hanging out with friends while doing so. I started a clan there a couple years ago, and anyone interested is welcome to catch me in game for tips and pointers, or to play the game together, where I could really offer some helpful tips and information. WoWS is a complex game smeared with a veneer of arcade game simplicity. It is beautiful to look at, easy to play, and challenging to master.

If anyone here is interested in giving it a try you can use this link to win some free ships, premium time, and credits. My game name there is Amracil. You can find me there using the in game chat system and I am always glad to help. I have a clan discord set up and you can connect here and catch me for a chat. I am always glad to help. The game can be a little overwhelming without someone there to help you get oriented.

Hoping this note finds you and yours happy and healthy. And that you will give WoWS a try.


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