Topic: SFC 1 (Gorn) The Wreck of the Rex SFB Mission Script  (Read 206 times)

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SFC 1 (Gorn) The Wreck of the Rex SFB Mission Script
« on: November 25, 2020, 10:33:15 am »
This is the Gorn versus Romulan SFB scenario from Captain's Log #6. You play the Gorn admiral in a CC heading for a negotiation with a Romulan admiral in his waiting Sparrow Hawk A+, who wishes to negotiate a separate cease fire & peace for his surviving fleet. Gorn HQ sees this as a perfect opportunity to capture the Romulan admiral, but he may have similar designs on you. Romulans can never be trusted!! The area has been thoroughly sensor swept for a week and only the Sparrow Hawk A+ emissions & presence can be detected.

It is an SFC 1 scenario rated as "Bloody Difficult" to win. I've managed to beat it once in 6 games, successfully capturing the Romulan Admiral and his ship.

If you have a copy Captain's Log #6 you'll already know the scenario. It's too much to type here so just read the mission briefing in the game before starting.

I will consider posting a SFC 2 version if someone demands it and possible a multiplayer version too.

I am also working on another version of the same scenario where the mission is played from the Romulan perspective.

The Klingons have many ways to fry a cat. I prefer to use an L7 Fast Battlecruiser!!