Topic: Klingon Starbase/D7M WIP Need a guide to making federation and klingon textures.  (Read 463 times)

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Greetings again starfleet.

Since I was referred here by KF I came to ask for help making textures for my ships since I have not done that before.
Currently trying to use Dynamically Generated PBR materials for my models so those who come after me can just slide a couple values around in the materials and claim their stripes as their own. 

I had attempted to make a ship hull generator for my Klingons and figured it may just be easier to ask how you did it by hand in photoshop type programs.

Here is the Starbase with music I made:

Link to better screens:

Here are the D7Mx ( Avenging Warrior's Anger / SuvwI'Qeh ) Screens:

(Its D7Mx because its not the same variant as the Klingon academy one, with the in my opinion, wimpy looking wings that were way too droopy and round when viewed from the front. )
Yes that is also the K'tremny and "Klingon Academy with stardocks" starbase I posted on Hot & spicy back around September/October in one of the pictures. I had started texturing it with the same procedural texture for consistency.  )

You can actually change a few settings in the PBR materials in Blender 2.8+ around to make them different enough textures to distinguish them which I did here so it looked beautiful, even though theyre not the final textures. Still trying to figure out how to either make the jagged rhombus shapes with math nodes, but also could use a texture sheet and add a bump node to hand drawn textures to make them pop out and save computer resources which is where the hand drawn textures come in and generating normal maps and so on come into play.

So could anyone show me where the klingon and federation saucer tutorials are around here? Dont know how to do that "round effect" that most models have  for the saucers and NCC designations  and its why my Ulysses still doesnt have those as textures. I would love to learn how to actually make them on my own as the Armada tutorial was not that helpful. was stuck after I made the pattern.

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I like the rugged look of the Klingon ships.  Nice job.
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 ;D Nice work! Your skills have improved since your last post!
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