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Help with SFC3
« on: January 28, 2021, 05:37:20 am »
I just recently started up SFC3 and I received an "unhandled exception" error.

Weird thing is - this game was the one that worked better than SFC2.  Now its the opposite. 

I can "now" get it to run after thorough internet searching.  BUT, its very delicate - on the edge of crashing or blank screen.

First I used the win 10 fix - which included a dll file and a new sfc config. - blank FULL screen.  I have the cursor and sound (after the intro) but not the main menu

Then I got more in depth- Changing TAL3DEngineR and TextureManagerR to a new and improved win 10 version - which did not help.

And finally, using the SFC launcher and Voodoo from Starfleet Command 3 HD&Gamespy Patch in Hot n spicy forum by D4v1ks (I think). It had more .dll files which helped move beyond the black screen.

Anyways, it runs ....ok.  I just been trying a skirmish, but if I were to change ships - it'll crash.  I can't seem to get a better resolution than 1024 - anything else will crash the game.

I've installed SFC3 fresh from disc, installed direct 8.1 but not gamespy and patched to 534b (beta), before adding files and other measures to get it to work.

I'm running compatibility to win xp svc pack 2, 16 colors, and as admin.  Plus it's in windowed mode.

My question is:

Is there a way to make this more stable and in better resolutions (hopefully full screen)
I'm not very good at tweeking Voodoo - it looks complicated and I don't even know the difference between Glide and Directx...

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you


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Re: Help with SFC3
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2021, 09:48:22 am »

and on 1920 x 1080!!!

I read a solution from

I took the posters advice. 

Installed a clean, unpatched SFC3

On every step - I tried the game to see what happens, and if it didn't work - I'd add another fix

So, after installing a clean, unpatched version - I copied the Modelrender file from the components file.

Patched the game to 534b, then replaced the patched ModelRenderer with the unpatched version - results were still a blank screen w/sound

Then I added the .dll files from DGVoodoo (both the MS and the 3dx files) and the program itself - still a blank screen

Then added the HD Patch (replaced assets/sprites) SFC.ini and the SFC.exe
I changed the SFC.ini according to the post:


When I started it, I received an exception error regarding the ModelRenderer.

So I put the patched version back...and started the game.


I've only tested the single player skirmish and I thought it would crash when I changed to different ships.

I had the loading screen stuck a third of the way with a blue windows circle spinning.  I was ready to end the program, when it started!

Now, I'm thinking about unchecking the DGVoodoo watermark...but I'm afraid it'll mess things up.

I hope this helps anyone else trying to get this game to work on windows 10.

Oh...I'm running the .exe with No Compatibility, 16 colors, and as admin...if that helps.