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XenoCorp Presents : The OMNIVERSE Project
« on: May 14, 2003, 04:21:16 pm »
Heyya all,

I wanted to post this and see just what type of support and interest there would be in what we've come to know as the "Omniverse Project" here @ XenoCorp.

I'll give you the project details, and then I'd love some feedback regarding your thoughts, opinions, heck even willingness to help if you are so inclined!


-----Internal XCHQ Alpha Memorandum
-----RE: The Omniverse Project
-----Title : Project Overview

The Omniverse Project is an ambitious project designed to incorporate the best of several aspects of the ST universe into one package.  While the Galactic Strategic Command Interface (codenamed "Dynaverse") has had an immense success following the release of Taldren's SFC Series Strategic Command Interface (SFC1, SFC2:EAW, SFC:OP and SFC3), there's always been a desire to expand the Dynaverse into something more.

With the introduction of MySQL support, XenoCorp began looking at a way to take this simulation to the next level - to incorporate turn based resource management, turn based planetary management, as well as a diplomatic avenue that would enhance the online Dynaverse. XenoCorp also began looking into ways to add additional aspects to the game play, such as boarding party activities, planetary assault away team missions, or scientific away team missions and just how to simulate these adequately.

After conversing with Raven Software, it was indicated that the source code, mission builders, and other tools were available for Star Trek Elite Force Holodeck Simulation. It was also indicated that this simulation could be adapted to interconnect with the Dynaverse Galactic conquest simulation, providing an even more immersive simulation experience.

The Omniverse Project could consist of the following gameplay concepts :

Note - this is an example of ONE possible scenario

  • 1. A turn based resource / planetary management system, comparable to the beta Starlance campaign ran when SFC1 was released.
  • 2. Teams, or fleets, would sign up for play under one of the races currently offered in the SFC Dynaverse before the campaign would commence.

  • 3. At the end of a 24 hour "turn", all resource management activities would be translated into the MySQL database, Economy would be affected as a result, ship production and planetary production / facilities building would be affected as a result.  
  • 4. Scripts would be engineered that would allow for boarding party activities, planetary assaults, and scientific "away team" missions that would begin from the SFC Dynaverse side:  

An example of what we have termed as "scripted multisimulation interaction" is as follows:


  • a. A ship(s) accepts a "starbase infiltration" mission while in the online Dynaverse simulation.

  • b. The ship(s) make their way towards the starbase, and successfully defeat any starbase defenders, and drop the starbase shield to allow transport of an "Away team" to the starbase.

  • c. The Away Team members begin the "Away mission" in ST Elite Force, and either succeed in the mission objectives, or do not.
  • d. All the effects of said progression are applied to the DB, the resulting win or loss indicated by the DV of the hex in the Dynaverse being affected, the SB being taken over, or the Away Team being lost.  

The desired result would be as close to a, to use an old Terran term, MMORPG as could be imagined in the SFC / ST setting.
It would also encourage inter-fleet coordination and team play, as well as coordinated strategic involvement with several aspects of simulation-play that have had a long time appeal to the SFC community members - specifically turn based resource control, interactive Dynaverse setting as the overall medium, and Away team missions featuring in your face team FPS style combat resolution.

We are currently beginning the next phase of Project Omniverse, and would recommend that before Phase II continues, a poll of the SFC Galactic community would be held to gauge the response and feedback of the community.


The Project Omniverse Development Team.

-----Internal XCHQ Alpha Memorandum
-----Document # 129SA54954
-----Any and all concepts contained herein are considered the intellectual property rights of XenoCorp Inc.


So, what do you all think?

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Got something you'd like to bring to the table in regards to joining the Omniverse Development Team?

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