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The Dynaverse Gaming Association© is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Starfleet Command™ Community. Formed in 2004 with Taldrens™ (the developers of the game) blessing, the DGA’s primary purpose is to allow the continued development of the online experience that is Starfleet Command™ while at the same time protecting the Starfleet Command™ community from “pay to play” concepts long after Taldren ceases to be.

Comprised of well known and long standing respected individuals from the Starfleet Command™ community, the DGA’s Board of Directors oversees the operation of the DGA. The Board of Directors primary goal is to provide a reliable, resourceful and respected gaming experience here on Dynaverse.Net©. To that end, the DGA meets regularly to address and discuss issues regarding the continued growth of the Starfleet Command™ community and the leadership found at Dynaverse.Net

The Dynaverse Gaming Association© maintains the Directory Services for Starfleet Command: Empires at War® and Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates®. One of Taldren™ CA’s last gifts to the community was transferring ownership of the Directory Services to Dynaverse.Net© and the Dynaverse Gaming Association© with the sole requirement that these services remain running for FREE with no charge to the community. To that end Dynaverse.Net© and the DGA have proven solidly responsible by listing these directory services as assets of the Dynaverse Gaming Association©. This means that none of the previous companies / entities or individuals can come back and “take over” these services and force the community to “pay” for being able to play online campaigns while also greatly extending the “playability” of Empires at War and Orion Pirates online experience.

All resources, equipment and services provided by the DGA and Dynaverse.Net© are provided with no charge to the community. All members in the DGA or the D.Net admin team are volunteers, as is their time. Continuing this trend of responsibility well placed, the Dynaverse Gaming Association© has already been contacted regarding the Directory Services for SFC3 as well as continued development of the Starfleet Command Series online Campaign system.

The DGA is honored to serve this community – and most importantly – to continue Taldren’s last request - protect the right of all to have fun…

for free!

All material copyright 1996-2011 Dynaverse.Net / XenoCorp Inc. unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.
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