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I've set up a little something...
« on: March 02, 2005, 12:00:33 pm »
...It's on Manitoba's FTP Directory thing (ftp://FTP://  The purpose of it is to host parts of my collection of SFC mods both rare and not (that are wanted) in which I have.  It is extremely rare that any of the work you'll see will be mine, as it's my collection from other authors.  These are ships that are usually asked for and wanted by some who, unfortunately, lacks 'em.  Well, I have some of 'em at least, and would like for others who don't have 'em to enjoy it if they want.  That's the main purpose.  I have a TXT file explaining all of this (in which I started last night), and I'll go ahead and quote it anyhow:

Hello!  You've stumbled onto my collection.  I'll try it make it simple-yet-understanding as much as possible:

This is obviously a collection of ships for all SFC games (however will be mostly concentrated on SFC1 and SFC2/OP, knowing that I have those games and *not* 3). 

I stress to you that, unless tagged (and unlikely will be so), that almost any and ALL ships are NOT the work of myself, but the work of others.  These are rare ships in my collection I wish to preserve for the community.  Most of these I found in a folder with no readme on a CD, so if you definately see your work here, and would like to be credited (or have it removed), you can e-mail me (
That doesn't mean, however, that there are some zipped or that some do have readmes.  If they do, I gladly would add them with the models in question.
For work I do know or belive someone specific made it, I'll tag it with my TXT (if it has no readme).  This is not to be taken as accurate, but basically it's me trying to properly credit people.  If I made a mistake, shout it out and I'll get to correcting it if I can.  Just be patient at times if I don't do it immediately: I have a real life as well!

There will be some other mods, like textures and sounds, and probably some on some other game, but they won't be up for long if there will be, as this is mainly for SFC mods for the community.  Overall, I wanted to put up these for the community, that incase they don't have it but want it, and I had it, they can get it and enjoy it like I have.

That's pretty much it.  Enjoy

You can find my collection (starting out) here:'s%20SFC%20Model%20Collection/

Again, just something small I wanted to do for the good of the community, especially as these ship models are getting rarer by the second.

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