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Looking for some hunting....
« on: May 01, 2005, 09:22:39 am »
Partners for StarWars Galaxies and the jump to light speed expansion, as the combat upgrade is now live and it seems being in a hunting party u gain exp alot faster.NO i'm not looking to form a group just want to grind  exp with a few others and be on chat, i have a 24/7 ventrilo server running so those of you who hate me feel free to get on it and bs with me yes that even means you slider.I had to start my character over so atm  i am a exp 6 so if ya are new and exp 1 by joing a party you will become "as long as u stay in the party" equal to the highest exp player.

u can get ventrilo here


just log onto the SWG Channel.....