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SciFi Wars Campaign... Opportunities And Plans
« on: July 19, 2006, 09:36:03 pm »
*On board the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera*

Admiral Pellaeon paces over the crew pits of the bridge of his star destroyer.  An older man, wiser through his years of service and the many campaigns he has fought before and after the Multiverse turned the universe upside down, and brought the New Republic and the Galactic Empire together again ceasing years of constant hostilities to make room for more wars with greater threats...  Threats from without.


"What is it Lieutenant?"  The young smooth faced Imperial Officer stands in the communications pit.  "Sir we're picking up a signal from one of our sentry probe droids in the Typhon Sector."

The Admiral descends into the crew pit to observe the telemetry.  A viewscreen filled with static clears suddenly showing images of Interstellar Alliance cargo ships offloading cargo in orbit of a dead planet.  In the distance the skeletal frame work of a Babylon station can be seen taking shape, in a flash a Minbari fighter flashes into view, the display turns white and then is replaced by static.  The Admiral bounds back to the bridge walkway, energy seems to have infused his frame.

"Set course for Kilo Base, Typhon Sector, maximum speed."

The Admiral proceeds off the bridge to the holonet chamber, and steps onto the imaging platform.  The holographic images of the Ruling Council, members of the New Republic and Imperial Remnant Elite gathered around a table take form before him.  "I have just learned that the Interstellar Alliance has begun work on a Babylon Station in the Typhon Sector.  I believe we have an opportunity to strike a great blow to our enemies."

The holographic image of Admiral Ackbar the representative of the Mon-Calamari race stands at the table and speaks to Admiral Pelleaon.  "What sort of opportunity is it that you see, Admiral?  This station is a great threat to us, the outpost at Kilo Base is surely to be overrun by the Interstellar Alliance."

"Not if we move quickly Admiral Ackbar, I propose that we leak this information in the open where the Alpha Quadrant Alliance can pick it up.  Much as you recognized the vulnerability of the Second Death Star, the Alpha Quadrant forces will have little choice but to attack the station.  And while they are engaged with the Interstellar Alliance, we can strike.  The Alpha Quadrant and the Interstellar Alliance will bloody themselves to the bone over this station, and when we arrive on the scene...neither will be able to resist us.  We can eliminate two threats to our supremacy of the Multiverse in one swift stroke."....


You are all cordially invited to join us for the upcoming premiere of Sci-Fi Wars Mod.  All the information you need can be found below.

Download and Installation

Rules of the Campaign

Campaign Registration

Storyline and Mod Trailer

<S>  And Hope to see you all there!

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