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in 2001, my buddy starkiller and i went to the microsoft release seminar on the "new" tablet os and tablet pc preview. this meant that there was a speech by a couple M$ people outlining why XP for tablets pc was the uber shizznit and why tablets were the wave of the future. there were also reps from all the major pc manufacturers (and some not so major) with there their version of the new "tablet" form factor concept. i was really excited for this development and really regretted that i could not afford to spend more than a laptop for a tablet at the time. (btw pricing the tablet more than a laptop was a major league mistake imho) the truth was that the world was not ready for the tablet. technology really wasn't ready either. chips were too hot, took too much power, limited apps written for tablet, etc...
so the tablet died...or so i thought. it simply went into hibernation and waited until apple did the tablet better than anyone else by far. it may be surprising to note that the ipad is not apple's first attempt at a tablet. bear in mind that the "graphics tablet" was an input device and not a true standalone tablet. read the article for more info:
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