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SFC3 new server online.
« on: August 24, 2011, 01:18:08 pm »
Been playing domwars 4.6.4 single player for a while. Then it occurred to me I have a spare machine and stupidly fast internet why not share. So contacted the pellican and got no response, so I've credited him with mod creation and onlined it. There are a couple of cosmetic issues, for example. Some ships have no description just the ???, and the dominion are showing with Borg names in the mission screen. Other than possibly calming down ai numbers its playable.

So jump on board peeps there are just 2 rules to take into consideration.

No race swapping, you choose it you play it.
Los is in effect, you can travel 2 hex out of your space but must only mission adjacent to your space. And new station in a hex must be next 3 hex of your colour.

The required files are still hosted on sfc3 fileplanet and its domwars 4.6.4 download link in full on server description.