Topic: =/\= NASA developing "comet harpoon", paul allen aims for space w/ stratolaunch  (Read 3330 times)

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what is the best way to get a sample from a rotating comet hurtling through space at 150,000mph? NASA thinks it is a harpoon! they are building an apparatus that will be fired into a comet with enough force to shove a sample into a collection chamber inside the harpoon tip. pretty crazy. space meets 14th century warfare tech! lol. read here:

so, paul allen (yes that one) has decided that virgin galactic is getting all the press, or maybe he thinks it really IS a good idea. so much so, that he is starting "stratolaunch systems" to build an eerily similar launch vehicle and suborbital craft to carry passengers. he also wants to replace the space shuttle program with this endeavour (sorry couldn't resist the bad pun). one main difference is that instead of a "shuttlecock" style design, he is using a rocket launched from a large 6 engine aircraft. read here:
and the main page here:
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