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Trying to add a comm button
« on: June 27, 2014, 08:35:06 pm »
I've taken the Mul_FreeForAll as my starting point and I want to add a button to every ship at the beginning of the mission. I followed the scripting guide but the button is not appearing.

In CommonShip.h I added
   enum eCommStates

In CommonShip.cpp I have
void tCommonShip1::mSetupCommState()
   tTeamInfo*   CommonTeam = fMissionInfo->mGetTeamHandle( mGetTeam() );
   CommonTeam->mRegisterCommMessage(CommonShipBaseState, CommonShipBaseState, mGetShipID(), kLaunchFightersButton, kFighterSpawned_msg);
   CommonTeam->mGotoCommState(mGetShipID(), CommonShipBaseState);

In MissionText.h and .cpp I've set up the appropriate text label and message

In CommonShipBaseState I have a simple debug message (but I can't even get this far since the button never appears)
void tCommonShip1BaseState::mOnCommButtonPress( tShipInfo* ship, int32 buttonID, tShipInfo* targetShip )
      if (buttonID == kLaunchFightersButton)
      fMissionInfo->mDebugMessage("This is where I should launch a PF.");


Can anyone tell me where I might have missed something?

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Re: Trying to add a comm button
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2015, 07:38:25 am »
Where do you want this button to appear? On the fleet command bar? What's your goal? There is a hotkey to launch Fighters and PF's.