Topic: SFC3 Multiplayer Login Requires Gamespy Login - How to get past this? SOLVED!!  (Read 20483 times)

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If it is not possible anymore, I'll give up on hosting my own server... :(

Just chatted with the dynaverse people on facebook.  They say the still host the directory services for SFC III so it should still be possible to at least connect to the server list, it would just be blank if no one is hosting one atm...
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I was hosting a server for SFC3 Dynaverse campaign play using this solution up until Qtracker shut down their GameSpy emulation in August of last year.  Now, I plan to work on setting up my own GameSpy emulation (that I will offer for free, if I can get it working).  I have been researching it online and there are some open-source solutions available on GitHub that have been used for other GameSpy reliant multiplayer games, it just requires some adaptation for SFC3.


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How on earth can we still play campaign online on SFC 3?
I really really want to, super badly. IS it still possible, or is it 100% dead now?