Topic: GOG SFC 1 versus some old & new downloaded shipyard models.  (Read 1234 times)

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GOG SFC 1 versus some old & new downloaded shipyard models.
« on: November 18, 2020, 08:51:58 am »
I recently installed the GOG Windows 10 version of Star Fleet Command Gold edition (SFC 1) onto my ASUS Hyper X. It runs fine with the OEM (wrong) ship models. However the problems started after I upgraded by adding in the hundreds of models from the master USB stick, to upgrade the game to the exact same level as the other older SFC game dedicated LAN computers here. A lot of the models work but are either invisible or have texture adherence issues.

Models that run perfectly fine on the original SFC 1 don't work properly on GOG SFC 1, which is something us modellers now have to contend with if we want to export our models for downloading.

The good news so far, from testing, is that my entire Klingon model fleet of 80 odd models works fine. The Lyran models, by Andrull & Cleeve work fine, as do all models made by them.

The worst offenders are Federation models where the textures are attached inside the mesh..... they appear "cloaked". This affects my Burke FF so I'll have to use an alternative Burke FF model in this GOG SFC 1

I haven't test models by I Mudd or Models Please yet as I have hundreds of models to test out. I have to make a list, which'll take some time.

Alarmingly my new SFB Frax models also don't appear to work properly on GOG SFC 1, though a lot of my other models & kit bashes do. It seems to depend on how the original model, that was kit bashed, was created and which 3D modelling tool was employed.

I plan to experiment with fixing the models with problems using a few tricks with the skin attachment, maybe even copy & pasting the mesh into a known OK model, then deleting the host model, then importing & renaming the textures. A method I used to convert SFC 2 models to SFC 1 models.

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