Topic: OP 2664 - with OP+ -- First Impressions  (Read 1633 times)

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OP 2664 - with OP+ -- First Impressions
« on: March 03, 2022, 07:48:46 pm »
Salutations All--->

I was at work today and the topic of Star Trek came up with a co-worker. We discussed the variant universes and I mentioned that my favorite ST universe is SFB and by extension SFC. He had played SFB/SFC back in the day and we chatted about SFB for a little.

That got me into memory mode of the undocumented hours I expended playing SFC-OP.

One thing led to another and I hit the board and Installed the 2664 version and the launcher and the OP+ pack.

Had to dig out my disk for the cd key and I was up and running.

Loaded up a skirmish and picked one of my fave (SPA+) and launched.

There was a brief moment of panic when it loaded, what do I do now!!!!

Thankfully the memory of "what to do next" is probably permanently hardwired.

Went Red Alert and a dozen minutes later there was the satisfying break model of Fed NCL variant to smile at.

Now I have yet another distraction to keep the Grinch away.

Thanks Devs for your efforts!!!
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