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Yeah, I love playing Repair Rendezvous.

I only get a little annoyed if and when I see that I have the Klingon marauder on the ropes, and I want to capture it, but that little police ship or frigate never obeys the capture command and proceeds to blast the Klingon D7 into smithereens.  Otherwise, it's great.  Besides, just the vistas with the small planet and the different types of ships are rather nice.

Back when I had a whole TOS mode setup, with TOS ships for all races, it looked even cooler.  I'm going to wait until I know I have a block of somewhat open time before I even try to set that up again.  I even forgot how to spell sfbspc13!  I'm going to have a bit of refreshing to catch up on about how to redo all that.

Over the years I also lost missions I wrote myself, and am fearful of the time involved in doing such things again.  These days, some nights, I rather watch a SFC .rec recording than actually play; yeah, I got lazy.
I might ask you sometime if I can see some of those planet models, ship models, and missions.
It sounds like you rejuvenated a 25+ year old game!
I added in more planets, ships, things also fighter for the other races. I run over 250 ships in the library and use the Eagle Eye Software's SFC Mission Builder to create missions and scenarios for single player and multiplayer LAN games.

I have also created my own models over the years for SFC 1.

Thank you!

This was my favorite custom mission I'd love to see ported to SFC:OP followed by the SFC1 Skirmish mission: Repair Roundevous.

I will try this afterwork.
I do have it!

And here it is attached.
It sounds familiar.
I may still have it; I can check my old SFC materials.
Do you remember the name of the mission or file?

The Quantum Factor - its a fan made custom mission.
It sounds familiar.
I may still have it; I can check my old SFC materials.
Do you remember the name of the mission or file?
Anybody have access to the old SFC1 missions? I am looking for The Quantum Factor; a monster mission where you investigate a FDD and a starbase that are without power due to a monster attack....
I know that that's how it's done in OP (& maybe EAW)  - there's a bunch of short tracks that can bridge from one to another, starting with what race you're using (Fed, Klink, etc) and connecting to tracks based on the opponent, location, etc.

I've replaced a lot of the music in my OP since they're just WAV files. Pretty easy to do
Again, thanks a lot for doing this!
And as I mentioned, I did find my own old bonus disc.

But you know, the music you hear in the middle of playing a skirmish mission isn't there, unless the game strings together snippets to make it up...
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