Topic: atheorhaven's WIP and release thread (re: TARDIS v3r released.. :)  (Read 42209 times)

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Re: atheorhaven's WIP and release thread (re: TARDIS v3r released.. :)
« Reply #200 on: April 25, 2018, 04:40:59 pm »
Do you guys know that in the UK that the slang name for a portable toilet is "The Turdis"??
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Re: atheorhaven's WIP and release thread (re: TARDIS v3r released.. :)
« Reply #201 on: July 28, 2018, 08:20:57 pm »
So, that was a bit of a break.. (yawn)

This was a request that I had of Kreeargh, to do up the "SS Madame de Pompador" from "Girl in the Fireplace" during David Tennant's run.  I think he did a fantastic 0job of it, and I've been meaning to upload it for a bit now.  Just needed to find a place to put it, and thanks to the deal I got with the phone, I have 100GB of space on Onedrive for a couple of years to upload things to.  Hopefully, people can download from there as well.

So, from the show:

And Kreeargh's rendition is above.. :)

He's done a spot on job, and it's gorgeous in game.  Hopefully, the Onedrive links will work now:

SFC1 version (if it downloads)!AiVD7RYOLnHrgQKhbSHy8W7p2GZK

SFC2 version (if it downloads)!AiVD7RYOLnHrgQAUSsiyTPnlZ6vi

SFC3 version (if it downloads)!AiVD7RYOLnHrgQGupWHE3Nfea9RS

If someone can download it and try it out ingame and then post an ingame pic, I'd appreciate it.  :)

Enjoy, and again, I really appreciate Kreeargh for doing this for me, it's one that I needed to see ingame.  :D

Hows it goin bro its been a while . I just got sfc1 back after 15 years of it not working. I just dl the sfc1 version the model is white in the game i think the maps have to be resized to 512 i dont think sfc1 can run a 3 meg texture map. Im gona play with it see if i cant get textures to show up in the game.