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OPplus411 - upscaled textures
« on: March 18, 2023, 08:51:30 pm »
So I had this idea... and I did a thing.  And this thing is really neat.
... and it's thanks to Japanese perverts.

I upscaled the texture of the H&S modified version of OP+ 4.11.  It is for use with the H&S repack and download, and should be a drop-in replacement of their "OPPlus411 - Models and Specs (compatible with the August 2019 update)".

Download link: 
OPplus411 - upscaled textures (March 2023).7z ::!ApDX2T7zfhpFpEUgXiwRSstpXYXo?e=ukrWAt

I own a decent PC, NVidia RTX 3080 video card.  I've used it for other special things before, such as crunch a bit of Ethereum while I sleep at night, but the change to proof of stake as well as the massive increase of the electricity's price made me stop.

I've played CyberPunk 2077, and I've used my card's abilities for DLSS 2.0 :: interpolates and adds frames that are CUDA Neural-Network generated, aka cudNN.
More recently, DLSS3.0 has been released  :: samples and upscales lower resolution frames and generates higher resolution images.

.. THAT.. that last one, got me thinking. And I started a search. I asked around. I think it was Falconer on the H&S Discord that suggested trying "waifu2x-caffe".
waifu2x-caffe :: some dude, in japan, wanted higher resolution images of his waifus.  It's a github opensourced project.  Someone packaged a multi-language UI for it, but more importantly there's also a DOS/CMD version that I could use in a for loop.

And, waifu2x-caffe-cui supports "BMP" no problem.

The idea:
I took OP+, as well as other things out there used for SFC-OP, and I iterated through all the .BMP files.  I upscaled them 2x.
The 1st thing that I did was a drop-in replacement for the H&S release of their modifications of OP+ 4.11. I called it "OPplus411 - upscaled textures (March 2023).7z"  (theirs is "OPplus411 (August 2019).rar") and it has all the same models in the same locations as their pack.
But the majority of the BMP files are 2x in resolution and cleaned up.

See attached examples below.

This took multiple nights, a lot of trial and error. It took about a week.
I have put that package up and available for download: 
OPplus411 - upscaled textures (March 2023).7z ::!ApDX2T7zfhpFpEUgXiwRSstpXYXo?e=ukrWAt

... an important side-note...
I noticed that SFCOP HD is heavily modified. The folk who worked on it solely and only wanted to get campaign stuff going, and mangled up a lot of stuff in the OP+ shiplist. For example, this is no longer in the flavour that Taldren released the game, there's heavy balance changes that they wanted, and there was no regard at all to the extra columns that were added that allowed the Extended Shiplist missions to function and provide better, harder, more fun scenarios.

I've repacked SFCOP HD for my personal use, and it's unreleased. It wouldnt be the same as what the campaign stuff does, but it does have their developed sprites.q3 file, and other important assets that have been moved around some.  I've got an upscaled OPPLUS 4.2 that is basically identical to the old style of OPPLUS 4.11 but with the upscaled textures.
And I'm using dgVoodoo2 to make it work good, as part of the drop in pack.

On disk, a bare classic SFCOP went from 730mb (stock) to 1.3gb (opplus 4.11) to ....  9gb ( HD with upscaled textures.)

If I ever decide to release it, I will let you know.

-- Luc

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